Quantum Coding

Quantum computer coding is a SW product that helps beginners easily understand
and learn the contents of the field of quantum computing, which has been
making a lot of progress recently. Simulation-based quantum computing makes
it fun to understand the principles of quantum mechanics.

Fun quantum mechanics to understand through quantum coding

Simple block coding and diagrams make it easy and fun to understand the basic phenomena of quantum mechanics.

Quantum Coding (Window)
Version 1.13 (ZIP)
※ Update Date : 2023.03.03 (Included trial)

Understanding quantum mechanics in an easy and fun way

  1. 01 You can understand the basic phenomena of quantum mechanics with simple block coding in an easy and fun way.
  2. 02 You can experience the core experiments of quantum mechanics in a 3D virtual environment.
  3. 03 Even beginners can use it easily with graphic-based block command support.
  4. 04 It provides a diagram display function that makes it easy and intuitive to understand the quantum gate change process.
  5. 05 It can be used in college liberal arts courses and career experience education in elementary, middle and high schools, and it can be easily used by the general public who are interested in developing quantum algorithms.

Quantum Coding SW

    Quantum Computer Coding SW can be used with the same product key if you purchase VR Metaverse coding SW.

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